Hair Extension Pros and Cons

We all lose hair. It happens when we shower, brush our hair, style it, finger-comb it, and even while sleeping. It’s a pretty normal thing, but when the one to two fallen strands turn into five, then seven, then ten, that’s when it gets scary.
There are different types of hair extensions.

Instant gratification 
It sucks especially if your hair is currently stuck at one style or length like a pixie cut or a short bob, and you can’t make it do a fishtail braid, waterfall twist, or crown updo for a special event, or just because you want to. If your hair is too short to achieve the style that you want, hair extensions could be the answer to your prayers. One instant advantage to using hair extensions is that you don’t have to wait several months for your hair to grow out and style it the way you want.

Hair extensions are quite versatile—they come in varying forms, styles, colours, lengths, and textures. People with short hair can instantly have longer hair they can style in an elegant updo, and those with straight hair can have the lush head of curls they’ve dreamed of. You hair can still remain at your current pixie cut today, transform into lush locks the next, and then back again to your pixie cut without having to do commit to doing anything drastic to it.

Hair Extension Pros and ConsAesthetic appeal
While hair extensions fulfil practical purposes, they are also primarily designed for aesthetic purposes. Most people go for hair extensions to enhance the look of their natural or current hair style.

Low maintenance 
Since hair extensions also enhance the appearance of your natural or current hair, they make it easier for you to achieve the style you want without doing much. Quality hair extensions can last up to three months, provided you take good care of them the way you do with your natural hair.

Hair and scalp damage 
Our scalp is pretty much resilient on its own and is capable of supporting a lot of hair. However, it normally takes the course of several months for hair to grow, so during that time, your scalp is used to adjusting to the gradual addition of weight on it. The sudden addition of hair all at once may “shock” the scalp, pulling on it constantly, causing damage, and irritating the skin. Depending on how the hair extensions are attached, they could cause damage to your scalp. Glued extensions can weaken the hair shaft or even burn the scalp, while tight braids can cause healthy hair to break at the roots. Also, soap and natural hair oils can get trapped between underneath the braids, causing you dandruff and scalp irritation problems.

Hair extensions, especially the good-quality ones, don’t go for cheap. If you want to have the best hair extensions in London, get the most natural-looking hair extensions made of quality material and that cause less damage to hair done by a professional stylist. Quality hair extensions fetch anywhere from 150 pounds to a thousand or more, also depending on style and the method of attachment. It’s really not cheap. You’ve been warned.

Depending on the method of attachment and the number of extension pieces, hair extensions can take hours to apply. If your chosen hair extensions are a bit complex, it might take you 8 or more hours of sitting on that salon chair, positioning your head in awkward positions while your extensions are being attached.
Hair extensions have become a trendy style these days. Many hair centre London establishments offer hair extensions as part of their line-up of services and as a preferable non-surgical hair replacement London option.

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