Being a Fit Senior Starts in the Younger Years

Staying healthy, having a fit body and adjusting to and maintaining a fitness regimen are all things that start at a young age. Being a fit senior starts in your youth. Making effort to incorporate exercise into your weekly routine is something that is advised from an early age. Eating healthy and exercise can help you stay fit as you get older, making it easier to accomplish the goal of being a fit senior.

Exercise regimens are tailored to each person, incorporating their strengths and weaknesses equally to ensure their body stays balanced and fit. For those who run marathons, the workout tends to be focused on that longevity, while those that enter weight lifting competitions would be under a different routine. The same can be said for any senior who works with a personal trainer. The personal trainer can help you figure out your goals and ensure you are completing the right workouts to get you to that goal faster and most efficiently. Working with a personal trainer also gives the individual some incentive and some feedback on progress. This is a desirable result for anyone who works out regularly with a specific goal in mind.

The exercise workout for an older individual hoping to stay fit must include aerobic exercise five times per week, at a minimum of 30 minutes each time. It also has to involve some weight lifting or weight training of some sort, in order to build muscle that can be maintained and increase your overall fitness. When working out, older individuals have to be more aware of the potential for head injuries. Their brains are already at risk for issues, and trauma increases the risk of memory loss or issues like Alzheimer's. Any Queens personal trainer residents meet with regularly can tell you the same thing.

For a Queens Nutritionists , seniors can present a special challenge. Seniors need to focus both on their physical health, eating a diet that provides sufficient calories without overdoing, and they also need to eat foods that help the brain. Cognitive fitness is very important to older individuals, since they are more at risk for issues like dementia or Alzheimer's, as noted above. Therefore, eating brain foods, like those with omega-3 fats and those that are recommended for a heart healthy diet, is a big step in doing all you can to keep your brain healthy while staying physically fit.

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