Things You Need to Know About Cancer of the Kidney

The pair of kidneys in your body has a very important function of purification in your system and if there happens to be an issue in its tissues, it can result in cancer of the kidney. When kidney cells begin growing irregularly, they produce a tumor that is cancerous.

The common indications of the disease include continual pain in the stomach, rise in temperature, urine becomes bloody and a rapid drop in your weight like any other cancer. The main tests that are conducted to confirm cancer include testing of blood, urine, CT scan, ultrasound and a biopsy.

There are actually two kinds of cancer of the kidney namely Transitional Cell Cancer and Renal Cell Carcinoma. The latter is more widespread and is the cause for almost 85% of kidney malignancies. Here, cancerous cells are produced in the kidney's lining tubules and consequently grows into a big tumor or mass. There is every chance that RCC may extend to other parts of the victim's body like the bones and lungs.

Things You Need to Know About Cancer of the Kidney

Most people over the age of 45 can develop cancer in the kidney and chances are that it may target heavy smokers, high blood pressure patients and obese people. People who have a family history are also at risk. Once diagnosed with cancer the treatment begins.

You can either opt for surgery or other treatments according to the severity of cancer. Surgery means you may have to get rid of the entire kidney that may be inclusive of the bladder and all the tissues that envelop the bladder. If the cancer has spread beyond the walls of the kidney, you would also have to go in for chemotherapy. With the wonderful advances that have been occurring in the field of medical science, you also have the option of going in for robotics in surgery which has become extremely popular nowadays. This surgery provides preciseness and accuracy that is extremely necessary for critical surgeries. The all new Da Vinci method of surgery has two main parts namely the Surgical Console and the Patient Cart.

In the Surgical console it is the arms of the robot that carries out the doctor's movements, and this process is facilitated by a 3D vision for accuracy, while the Patient Cart aids in placing the patient in the right position while the surgery is in progress. In accordance to the kind of system, more than two robotic arms could be involved in the surgery. Hence it can be seen that this system of surgery will have many benefits over the usual process of invasive surgery.

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